(Hàng Mới Về) Kem Phủ Nano Chống Trầy Xước Sửa Chữa Xe Hơi 20ml

67.400 ₫ 33.900

Sản phẩm (Hàng Mới Về) Kem Phủ Nano Chống Trầy Xước Sửa Chữa Xe Hơi 20ml đang được mở bán với mức giá siêu tốt khi mua online, Vừa được giảm giá từ 67.400 xuống còn ₫ 33.900, giao hàng online trên toàn quốc với chi phí tiết kiệm nhất,0 đã được bán ra kể từ lúc chào bán lần cuối cùng.Trên đây là số liệu về sản phẩm chúng tôi thống kê và gửi đến bạn, hi vọng với những gợi ý ở trên giúp bạn mua sắm tốt hơn tại HolCim

Package Included:
1*Coating paste
Material: Carnauba
Product size: 40*40*18mm
Product volume: about 20ml
Allows you to easily repair automatic scratches in
seconds. It is a powerful polish and can actually remove stains-it will
not damage the paint. What is left is a beautiful, highly polished
appearance that will leave a deep impression on you.
The most important function
Auto scratch repair mechanism
The composite material is designed to restore the original luster and color.
After the gravel sand is degraded, the filler components can be filled quickly
Scratches and paint to repair scratches. Easy to cut oxide film
On the surface and stubborn dirt, paint stains, burrs and colors as well
The paint will be low light again.
Small and light scratches, such as fingernail scratches on the door handle, and
Scratches, slight scratches, slight paint pain, after paint swirling
Polishing, etc. It can also remove asphalt, insect carcass stains,
Stubborn attachments, etc. It is an effective light scratch remover
At a reasonable price
Friendly car paint
Automatic scratch remover can
Do not react chemically with car paint. After pure physical grinding
Activate the painted surface of the car. This can repair scratches
No original car paint, nor
Total paint. There will never be other colors on the car
Original paint means zero color difference.
Suitable for any color car
Automatic scratch
Makeup remover does not choose color. It can be used on any colored vehicle, but
Make sure there is no plating crystal or paint protection film
Not suitable for deep and large scratches, such as nude primer, black
Plastic, with a large area of primer or transparent craters when touched by hand.
Easy maintenance
Just remove the scratches
Areas, dirt, wax, rust. Squeeze enough cream around
sponge. Wipe the scratches with a sponge until it is scratched
Go away and wipe off the cream wax. (For specific steps, please
Check the instructions. ) This technology saves you a lot of time
And money to keep your vehicle bright and clean.
Due to manual measurement, you may see small measurement deviations.
Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the product may be slightly different from the color shown on the pic