Giá Để Giày 4 Tầng Muraaaah. (n104)

₫ 394.900

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(N104) 4 layer shoes rack

Ready color

If the color is exhausted, we 'll change it directly to the other color. Okay. Still ready.# no complen no return, no cancer #

The shoe rack is made up of 4 layers, so you can keep the shoe up to 5 tiers. It is made of non-woven fabric material that is very strong withstands shoe loads and also waterproof. The shoes are more well-organized by using these shelves as storage.

You can easily assemble these shoe racks because all the equipment has been provided. The easy installlation does not require special equipment so it can be done quickly.

With this shelf, your shoes become neat and attractive, ready to be kept anywhere in the house
Insurance your goods ,So that on the expedition trip ,Because all the damage to shipping is no longer our responsibility. ,Whether it 's peyok ,Corrupted ,Etc ,No complen no return. ,No. Cancer

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