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(commodity description)
Product name: parent-child sticky ball/sucker ball
Size: 20x20 x 8cm
Material: wood
Applicable age: 3 4 5 6 7

Warm tips

As educational products: two people play by holding the shot in the hand of a thrown ball, exercising the child's hand-eye coordination and physical coordination, stretching the children's bones during exercise, promoting hormone secretion, avoiding stunting, promoting healthy growth and fostering parent-child relationships
▼Heartwarming reminder▼

◆ There may be some wear/dent in the outer box and sealing film during transport
Do not affect the use of the puzzle itselfI hope your family understands thank you for your support
Wooden toys we can send sandpapers that grind wood to clean up the slight residual burrs in the processing of wooden toys, so that the purchased children can rest assured of the comfort of playing

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◆ 100% new products
◆ Small creases, minor abrasions are normal conditions, please know before ordering.
◆ The products are physical filming/hand-made measurements. there are some microchromatic and size differences due to different displays.
◆ Products are unopened or personal hygiene items and cannot be returned.
◆ Because of different body size, please refer to the size table, suggest height, model wear information before ordering. you can't change it after ordering

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