Cà Vạt Satin Màu Trơn Cho Nam Và Nữ

₫ 119.100

Sản phẩm Cà Vạt Satin Màu Trơn Cho Nam Và Nữ đang được mở bán với mức giá siêu tốt khi mua online, giao hàng online trên toàn quốc với chi phí tiết kiệm nhất,0 đã được bán ra kể từ lúc chào bán lần cuối cùng.Trên đây là số liệu về sản phẩm chúng tôi thống kê và gửi đến bạn, hi vọng với những gợi ý ở trên giúp bạn mua sắm tốt hơn tại HolCim

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5Cm / 2inch wide necktie Slim tie
The tie is made with a thick material, so the tie does not drift when blown in the wind and the pattern of the tie is woven (not Printing) so that the tie pattern appears more shiny and the tie color becomes more durable.

Our motives are also made specifically (unmarketed) and Jg with special designs.
X striped bow tie tie
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It 's suitable for parties, invitations, fancy dresses, graduation programs, Bestman ties and your clothing complement as well as for your partner' s gift,
For those of you who are Stylish and classy.
Suitable for Prewedding, weddings, Formal and Casual events)

(There is also a variety of other colors available as you need them.
Accept the purchase of party numbers)

Be careful of the imitation.

Don 't forget to write down your choice color.

Xsah includes a pelastic and a tie hanger.
We guarantee Packing as strong and as safe as possible.
In order for Mr. & Sista to arrive at the destination in good condition.

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@. Please list backup colors
@. If the color order is empty we will inform through chat features, if in 12 hours we will not respond to it as we send it to the stock.
@. There can be a difference in color between older and younger due to lighting when the photo can affect the photo result
@. Check title and product diskrimination, do not ask for what is already mentioned / clear.