Bộ 4 Miếng Dán Chống Trượt Cho Sàn Nhà

₫ 38.000

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Product category:Rug Grippers

Main component content of fabric: 51% (inclusive) -60% (inclusive)

Material: natural rubber

Main component of fabric: PVC

Style: Pastoral

Process: ere

Colour: Black

Packing: 1 piece = 4 pieces

Material: Silicone

Colour: Black

Size: 15.5cm x10.5cm

Function: Prevent the corners of the carpet from curling, convenient, just press to stick, keep the carpet tidy

Packing opp bag

Use: There is no residue on the floor after peeling, and it is very friendly to vacuum and steam mops. Unlike disposable carpet tape or carpet pads, this carpet sticker can be cleaned with water or alcohol, air-dried to restore its stickiness, and then can be used again.

Easy to operate: You can flatten the carpet in 30 seconds. We recommend cleaning the old carpet or using a new carpet first to prevent dust from weakening the stickiness. After laying the carpet, the carpet stickers cannot be seen to keep the carpet beautiful.

Packing list:

4Pcs Rug Grippers(opp bag packing)

Note:The colors deviation might differ due to different monitor settings, please kindly unders