Bảng Mạch Chính Linh Hoạt Cho Xiaomi Redmi 5

₫ 75.600

Sản phẩm Bảng Mạch Chính Linh Hoạt Cho Xiaomi Redmi 5 đang được mở bán với mức giá siêu tốt khi mua online, giao hàng online trên toàn quốc với chi phí tiết kiệm nhất,0 đã được bán ra kể từ lúc chào bán lần cuối cùng.Trên đây là số liệu về sản phẩm chúng tôi thống kê và gửi đến bạn, hi vọng với những gợi ý ở trên giúp bạn mua sắm tốt hơn tại HolCim

Buyers are expected to read the description before order


# welcome to second parts original #

Ready boss
Xiaomi redmi 5 mainboard flexible

(Original warranty 100%)


Why do we say 100% original? Because the original sharepart was only obtained from the official service center and the original package was directly from the hp, with quality guaranteed

Why are our spare parts so expensive? Because we put the quality that our spare parts are guaranteed original and have passed all function by secondparts. By the way, our customers are always satisfied with the product in order. Because we always give the best and definitely warranty:)


Benefit order in secondparts

The product that we sell is the product of the center / the product of the cell phone with the quality of the original and definitely best guaranteed. Because we have a better principle of selling quality products even if they are more expensive than selling cheap products, while quality is not prioritized

2.Quality control
We 're always doing quality control for every product we' re going to send before packing. Starting from testing function and product quality because it 's our standard. So don 't hesitate to order on our feet

In addition to our best products, we keep giving guarantees to all shareholders for 2x24 hours (except for normal 7x24 hour warranty machines and lcd ts take off 7x24 hours) because the buyer 's satisfaction is our priority

We always make sure the delivery pack is safe because the box covered in bubblewarp outside is free.

The buyer will serve as best we can, for those who want to ask whether it 's about the superiority of the product / how we can installl spare parts through our w.a.

Before buying the first priority of reading the description of the item and asking for stock so that there is no misunderstanding about the delivery of goods because the stock is not available

Happy shooping my boss, original greetings

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